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Wiwaxia corrugata Reconstruction
Michelle Bakay after Steve Kirk
Burgess Shale
Wiwaxia was a slug-like creature protected by a coat of scaly armor plates and a double row of pointed spines. The ventral surface was composed of a soft foot and the mouth equipped with a protruding radula, both characteristics of mollusks. However, the microstructure of the scales was more akin to polychaete annelids. To the left of Wiwaxia can be seen the flower-like animals Dinomischus. Behind Wiwaxia can be seen the sea pen Thaumaptilon (Selden & Nudds, 2004, pp. 26-27).

Selden P. & Nudds, J. (2004). Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

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