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Students are often attracted to the vast body of knowledge our culture associates with science. Science teachers feel pressure to deliver the content of their curriculum within a time frame that is often inadequate. Preoccupations with science content may actually catalyze scientific illiteracy. Rather than being taught the ways that science arrives at its conclusions, students are often taught the conclusions at which science arrives. A deep and meaningful understanding of science does not come from learning its content alone, rather, one needs an awareness of how scientific knowledge is gathered and accepted. It is our hope that the following articles will help students and teachers explore how science works.
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The Nature of Science:
Methods for Seeking Natural Patterns in the Universe
Using Rationalism and Empiricism
Michael D. Viney

Michael David Viney is the creator and editor of The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum. He taught science in Poudre School District (Ft. Collins, Colorado) for 30 years and retired in 2017. Mike now works at the Education and Outreach Center at Colorado State University.

A Philosophy of Science. Originally presented as part of the show: "The Art of Science: An Exhibit Where Science and Art Meet," September 29, 2007 at The Little Room, 108 W. 5th, Pittsburg, Kansas.

Donald Wayne Viney received the Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma in 1982. He is professor of philosophy at Pittsburg State University (Pittsburg, Kansas) where he has taught courses in philosophy and religion since 1984. For more information see: Pittsburg State University

Scientific Thought:

A Developmental Perspective

Wayne Viney

Wayne Viney received his Ph.D. in psychology with a minor in the history and philosophy of science from the University of Oklahoma in 1964. He is emeritus professor and emeritus university distinguished teaching scholar at Colorado State University where he continues to teach part-time and conduct research in the history of psychology and the history of the relations between science and religion.

Understanding Science: How Science Really Works
is a project of the University of California Museum of Paleontology. This site is an excellent resource for teachers and students.
Pencil Sketch of Darwin
Michelle Bakay 2009
The sketch was inspired by a photograph of Darwin, circa 1878, taken by Elliot and Fry of London. The photograph was taken at Down House and is now part of the Richard Milner Archive.





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