The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum.  Dedicated to the Exhibition and Educational Study of Permineralized Plant Material
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Specimen Ridge Virtual Hike
Many of the fossil trees on Specimen Ridge are referred to as Sequoias. They are fossil forms of Sequoia-like wood, although some refer to them using the genus Sequoia. Some refer to the fossil wood of these permineralized trees as Sequoioxylon, a genus erected by Torrey in 1923 (Andrews, 1970, p. 195). Others refer to the Sequoia-like fossil wood on Specimen Ridge as Taxodioxylon, a genus erected by Hartig in 1848 (Andrews, 1970, p. 211). Both of these genera are used to describe Sequoia-like wood in the Taxodiaceae family. Taxiodioxylon has been used to cover woods similar to: Sequoia, Metasequoia, Taxodium, and Glyptostobus.

Andrews, H. (1970). Index of Generic Names of Fossil Plants, 1820-1965. USGS Bulletin 1300.

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