The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum.  Dedicated to the Exhibition and Educational Study of Permineralized Plant Material
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Use these inquiry activities to explore concepts related to relative and radiometric dating.
Age Dating of the Fossil Record
Two Activities for Grades 5 and Up
Andrew Warnock, Ph.D.
Andrew Warnock, Ph.D.

Natural Science Education and Outreach

The focus of Dr. Warnock’s career over the last ten years has been to share his knowledge of Earth’s evolution with the widest audience possible while trying not to compromise too much depth. He has focused on the areas of educational materials development, professional development of science teachers, and helping to manage science education for the GLOBE Program (2004) and the Fort Collins Discovery Science Center (2004-Present). Most recently, he has developed an innovative K-12 groundwater program (GetWET funded by
NSF) that lets students research the interconnectedness of surface water and groundwater in the field with real equipment and real water. He has also designed a new Geowall 3D projection system that features the industry’s best rear-projection screen in a highly portable form factor at low cost. The ability for him to develop content for the system that spans time, space, and scale is opening new frontiers in the types of topics he can bring to teachers and students.

Radioactive Nuclides & Earth's Age
Grades 8 and Up
Mike Viney
Michael David Viney is the creator and editor of The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum. Mike taught science in Poudre School District (Ft. Collins, Colorado) from 1987 to 2017. He now works at the Education and Outreach Center at Colorado State University. Mike's primary research interest is in the history of life on Earth with special emphasis on arborescent plants.

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