The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum.  Dedicated to the Exhibition and Educational Study of Permineralized Plant Material
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Manganese Dendrites on Sandstone
Dendrite Pattern is 18 cm x 10 cm

Pseudofossils are objects that do not have a biologic origin, but may be mistaken as a fossil. Mineral and rock patterns of inorganic origin formed purely by natural geological processes may be mistaken for fossils. Dendrites deposited by mineral rich water percolating through rock layers may have the appearance of a well preserved plant. Concretions may look like eggs or other objects that have a biologic origin (Ivanov, Hrdlickova, & Gregorova, 2001, p. 10).


Ivanov, M., Hrdlickova, S. & Gregorova, R. (2001). The Complete Encyclopedia of Fossils: A Comprehensive Guide to Fossils from Around the World. Netherlands: Rebo Publishers.

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